[Scribus] debian packages repository

Josep Febrer jfebrer
Tue Nov 4 21:09:12 CET 2003

A Dimarts 04 Novembre 2003 19:52, intrigeri va escriure:

> Nice ! I will try these packages ASAP, to see if Qt 3.2.2 improves
> anything over 3.2.1.

intrigeri at the moment I only put the scribus sources, are you also 
interested on the Qt 3.2.2 sources?

Theses Qt 3.2.2 packages also contains some performance patches done by the 
KDE people.

> Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Hmm... now the first debs announced do include qt3.2.2 while the second ones 
> don't. I would reallylike to try the first ones (to see what difference 
> qt3.2.2 makes), but it tries to deinstall all of my kde-packages, so that is 
> no fun. :-(

Can you put here the output of apt-get to see what are your problems, these Qt 
pacakges should be fine with KDE, are you using sid?

The reason why this these Qt packages depends on XFree 4.3, are not only 
because they are buld with XFree 4.3, the real reasons are important changes 
between XFree 4.2 and 4.3 regarding Xinerama and Xlibmesa, for example XFree 
4.3 addressed the issue that Xinerama wasn't PIC (this also means that if you 
have XFree 4.3 and these Qt 3.2 packages build against it you can use 

To get XFree 4.3 for Debian sid:

deb ftp://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian ../project/experimental main contrib 

And to install it:

# apt-get install -t experimental xlibs xserver-xfree86 x-window-system-core 

Although they are marked as experimental I can assure you that XFree 4.3 
packages rock.

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