[Scribus] How to use the fix for Python 2.3 compile problems

Simon Munton simon
Sun Nov 2 09:52:42 CET 2003

On Saturday 01 Nov 2003 10:56 pm, Wesley T Allen wrote:

> Simon, worked like a charm.  I knew about the patch command, but I've
> always been confused by -p#, skimming man patch made me think it's just the
> level of checks that it does during the patch, is this correct?  I can
> output a log by tagging > patch.log at the end too right?

The -p# tells patch how much of the initial directory path to strip off before 
looking for the file to patch. eg if the patch file contains the following:
-p1 would make patch look for the file:

Yes, > patch.log will create a file with the messages patch writes to stdout. 
To get stderr messages in the file too, use &> instead of > (see man bash)


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