[Scribus] Seg Fault at Execution Time

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Sun Nov 2 05:29:55 CET 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 18:17, Marshall Lake wrote:
> > I do not use these type of fonts ever with Scribus or any other DTP app.
> > Call me a font snob, but I never see these type of problems.
> Which fonts do you use?

Strictly fonts from well known foundrys:
Font Bureau
Agfa Monotype
Galapagos Design
Berthold Types

This is not a comprehensive list, moreover, this only covers foundrys
with Western coverage.

I have been lucky to collect fonts from applications over the years.

If you have any recent version of Corel Draw, this includes a pretty
full collection of over 1000 faces in both TT and Type 1 format. This is
probably the best place to get a reasonably priced collection of high
quality fonts suitable for postscript and commercial printing. This
collection is licensed by Corel from Bitstream. If Corel Draw just came
with these fonts, it would be worth the price.

On the other side is the Adobe Type Collection which runs around 5000

The most interesting fonts which I find are open sourced or freely
licensed are specialty fonts like

Isabella, http://www.thibault.org/fonts/isabella/

and Gentium a fairly full coverage Unicode font: 

> > Try disabling this entire directory in your font paths and restart
> > Scribus.
> That worked.  Thanks.

Good news.


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