[Scribus] 1.1.2

ephemeron ephemeron
Mon Nov 3 01:45:57 CET 2003

At Sat, 01 Nov 2003 23:06:10 -0500,
Gregory Pittman wrote:


> All the units/values problems are gone, everything much
> smoother.  There is still the issue of having to manually
> change line spacing when you change font size; also all the
> lines have to have the same line spacing even when you mix up
> fonts and sizes -- I think the spacing should be automatic (by
> % according to font size) with the ability to manually adjust.
> All sorts of ad layouts (for example) mix up typefaces, sizes
> and line spacing, so I think it's something a good DTP program
> must have.

I think it's automatic when you use Edit --> Styles.

> I've just started reading Eric Raymond's new book, "The Art of
> Unix Programming", and one thing that occurs to me as he talks
> about good or elegant programs is that Scribus's user interface
> is too complicated: too many menu items, too many different
> ways to do the same thing.  Here's an example: there doesn't
> really seem to be a need to have two separate buttons on the
> toolbar for text boxes and picture boxes, especially when a
> right click in the box allows you to switch the type of the box
> anyway.

You can say the same thing of the unstable version of The Gimp.
The Scribus UI appears to be a reproduction of the clunky Quark
XPress.  I'm speaking as someone who'd cut his teeth on PageMaker
(before it was acquired and abandoned by Adobe in favor of
InDesign) and Ventura (before it was acquired by Corel.)  To me
PM was the most elegant of the popular DTP programs.

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