[Scribus] Mac font Mix

Andrew showork
Tue May 27 02:40:37 CEST 2003

	Hello All,

	I throughly confused myself and could use some help.

	I have mix 200 Macintosh fonts. I want to move to Linux Mandrake. There are TT, MM, PS and who knows what kind of fonts. 
	1. I have moved them to the Linux box using ftp as .hqx files.
	2. Now I am uncertain of what do do. 
		Do I need to separate out the different types (TT,MM,PS), or can they be converted for '*nix' use, combined as they are now in one directory?

	Many of the fonts were purchased from Adobe, some came with PhotoShop and PageMaker others collected along the way with 10 years of Mac up-grades with various programs. 

	Mandrake9.1/KDE have a utility for moving fonts and My reading has found lot of options including freetype 1&2 and many other conversion utilities. Converting them to *nix from Mac certainly seems like the first step, That is where I need some direction.

	Thank you,

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