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Magic Page magicpage91
Fri May 23 21:31:39 CEST 2003

Ing. Jozef Sakalos wrote:

>Hi Patrick,
>I attach the snapshot of how the font looks in scribus compared to 
>openoffice. Of course, font rendering doesn't depend on an 
>application on my system - openoffice is used only by chance.
>The only exception is scribus - fonts look horrible on the page but 
>they look perfect on font face selection menus.
>Have a clue what is the cause of that?
>Best regards,
> *******************

I am not sure exactly what might be causing the extreme problem
in Scribus.  The kerning looks to be way off and the fonts are certainly
not as smooth as OO displays them.  I suspect part of the problem comes
from Scribus though.  I think they have been working on kerning and line
spacing to keep the fonts from overlapping themselves.  Problem I get also
is that it prints out the same way, which is not good.  I have included a
screen shot of mine for you using both Georgia font and the Luxi Sans.  
Don't know
what version of Scribus you are using now, but certainly the newer CVS 


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