[Scribus] Improve rendering of fonts

Ing. Jozef Sakalos jsakalos
Sat May 24 00:51:21 CEST 2003

On Friday 23 May 2003 21:31, Magic Page wrote:
> Jozef,
> I am not sure exactly what might be causing the extreme problem
> in Scribus.  The kerning looks to be way off and the fonts are
> certainly not as smooth as OO displays them.  I suspect part of
> the problem comes from Scribus though.  I think they have been
> working on kerning and line spacing to keep the fonts from
> overlapping themselves.  Problem I get also is that it prints out
> the same way, which is not good.  I have included a screen shot
> of mine for you using both Georgia font and the Luxi Sans. Don't
> know
> what version of Scribus you are using now, but certainly the
> newer CVS helps.
> Patrick

Hi Patrick,

I would be glad if I had the font rendering in scribus like you 

I attach the snapshot of same fonts (Georgia and Luxi Sans) and the 
same text. 

As you can see it's big difference even if I also use scribus 

Any idea?


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