[Scribus] Compiling CVS version on MDK 9.1

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon May 12 22:06:22 CEST 2003

Paul schrieb:

Hi there,

>>Some experiences from compiling the CVS version on my Mdk 9.0.
>>Mandrake 9.0 is delivered with both 1.4-p6 and 1.6 versions of automake, 
>>1.4-p6 is installed by default.
>Is that the same for Mdk 9.1?
>I can't understand why newer versions of auto conf/make weren't shipped
>with 9.0 - RH was using them.

On Mandrake 9.1:

    * automake 1.7.2 (1.4-p6 is installed by default)
    * autoconf 2.57 vs. 2.13 (2.13 is installed by default)

 From Mandrake's autoconf package description:
"-- PLEASE NOTICE ---> this version is meant to coexist with 
autoconf-2.13 (for backwards compatibility); to that end, the various 
binaries are actually linked to a script which decides which version to 
execute. It tries to be clever and will execute 2.5x if `configure.ac' 
is present, or if `configure.in' contains AC_PREREQ and the value's 3 
first letters are stringwise greater than '2.1'. You can also manually 
select it by providing the environment variable WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5 set to 
`1' (use WANT_AUTOCONF_2_1 if you want the 2.13 version)."

As a matter of fact, on Mdk 9.1 it was neither necessary to export 
WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="1" before doing make -f Makefile.dist, nor to create 
symlinks to lcms files in /usr/include. It was still necessary   to do:

export LDFLAGS="-lm"

before running configure for tifflib being found.


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