[Scribus] Compiling CVS version on MDK 9.0

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun May 11 14:28:41 CEST 2003

> Some experiences from compiling the CVS version on my Mdk 9.0.
> Mandrake 9.0 is delivered with both 1.4-p6 and 1.6 versions of automake, 
> 1.4-p6 is installed by default.

Is that the same for Mdk 9.1?

I can't understand why newer versions of auto conf/make weren't shipped
with 9.0 - RH was using them.

> For backward compatibility reasons, autoconf 2.13 and 2.53 coexist on 
> Mdk 9.0 (default is 2.13), you have to say, which one you are going to use:
> export WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="1"
> make -f Makefile.dist

Yuk. Extra layers to faff. Install the newer versions of
autoconf/automake - they will work with older versions of software -
they just throw up more reports of things which have changed.

> #Peter's workaround for using tifflib on Redhat / Mdk:
> export LDFLAGS="-lm"
> #Workaround for using lcms, as root:
> ln -s /usr/incude/lcms/lcms.h /usr/include/lcms.h
> ln -s /usr/incude/lcms/icc34.h /usr/include/icc34.h

I hope that doesn't mess things up for other tifflib stuff as well.

Honestly, just get the newer versions of autoconf and automake and be
done with it. Saves all of this messing around.


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