[Scribus] more rendering screenshots

Steve Herrick steveh
Thu May 8 21:27:49 CEST 2003

Johannes Wilm wrote:

>I have understood that for some technical reason Franz 
>is not interested in fixing the cut-off of all the letetrs in the text that 
>is being edited: 
I hardly think it's fair to say he's not interested. He's dealing with a 
lot of issues that he has little control over. A lot of people have 
complained about this since before this list was founded, and he and 
others have put considerable time into solving the problem.

I agree it's a serious problem, one of the ones that's keeping me from 
moving to Scribus full-time. But the fact that it has persisted does not 
mean no one's working on it.

>Now is this a debian-issue?
No. We all (well, most) have it.

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