[Scribus] a quick question

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun May 4 23:39:21 CEST 2003


> I updated to the latest CVS today, and have run into the same problem.  I 
> also ran as Paul suggested and output.txt contained nothing while 
> output2.txt contained the single line:
> xset:  warning, no entries deleted from font path.

What did output.txt contain?

This is puzzling me. We're both using the same distro (RH9), so I'll
assume you're using Qt 3.1.1 and the latest kde as well as automake and
autoconf (or at least latest as from the RH9 distro CDs). I've looked
back at your previous emails and it seems there are two problems on your
system. You've had a crash on starting and on font handling.

I'm uploading my compiled binary of scribus 0.9.10 (made earlier today).
Assuming you've done a make install, copy this to your home directory,
dearchive and then run it (./scribus). See if this still causes the



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