[Scribus] Printing to 'bad printer name'

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun Mar 30 21:43:27 CEST 2003


> All the people who've said, 'yeah but linux can't do DTP, can it?' - I'm
> ringing them up tonight!

It's good when that happens :-)

> However... I can't get scribus to print.


> The printer's name is "Brother" - I know it's not very original, but it
> functions. The problem seems to be that Scribus doesn't expect the colon
> after the name in the printcap file, so the available printer in Scribus
> is "Brother:" - and this is what generates the error. If I use the
> 'other print command' and do 'lpr -PBrother' then I get output fine.

I've noticed this when using Cups, but then I expect that I need other
print command as I'm directing through kprinter --stdin.

To make this simpler to trace, open a terminal window and launch scribus
from there. Load a doc, press print and then attempt to print. Report
back here with what the terminal window reports. It will help one of us
to track the bug and fix it.


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