[Scribus] Printing to 'bad printer name'

Nick Holden nick
Sun Mar 30 21:33:07 CEST 2003


First off, congratulations on a sterling piece of software. Finally, any
lingering doubt about driving MS out of my home for good is banished.
All the people who've said, 'yeah but linux can't do DTP, can it?' - I'm
ringing them up tonight!

However... I can't get scribus to print.

I've installed Qt 3.1.2 (since I'm using gnome on RH7.3, it's not the
easiest of Scribus installs, I guess) and then the 0.9.7 scribus.
Everything seems fine and dandy until I come to print, then... nothing
appears and I get "bad printer name" as the error message coming back
from the localhost print server.

The printer's name is "Brother" - I know it's not very original, but it
functions. The problem seems to be that Scribus doesn't expect the colon
after the name in the printcap file, so the available printer in Scribus
is "Brother:" - and this is what generates the error. If I use the
'other print command' and do 'lpr -PBrother' then I get output fine.

So... why is Scribus seeing 'Brother:' instead of just 'Brother'? Is it
a bug? Can I fix it? Or is it a question of making do until a later
release comes out?


Nick Holden <nick at thewebtailor.co.uk>

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