[Scribus] line border for frames

PFJ paulf.johnson
Tue Mar 18 15:49:55 CET 2003


> > Just thought I'd let you know that the zero line width code is now in
> > testing on my machine. Seems to be working fine. If everything works
> > out fine, I'll commit it to CVS tonight.
> great. have a doubt, pardon me if it sounds naive. since the code
> for the line width for the rectangle is already there, would it be too
> complicated to apply it to text boxes too? or would the necessity to
> provide for text inset for text boxes make it more complicated?

Sure. My current problem is that I've managed to do something to the
sources which means that some of it fails to compile :-( once I have
that working again, I'll have a look at the text code.



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