[Scribus] Now in testing on my machine...

Paul paulf.johnson
Mon Mar 17 21:32:01 CET 2003


Just thought I'd let you know that the zero line width code is now in
testing on my machine. Seems to be working fine. If everything works out
fine, I'll commit it to CVS tonight.

Franz, could you email me the 4 header files which were causing problems
at my end (had german letters in which caused autoconf/automake to cough
a bit). I don't want to download from CVS as I've made quite a few
alterations down this end.


Tired of bloated software which gobbles up your system resources?
Bored of hearing your harddrive being thrashed by inefficient code?
Feel like tearing your hair out when you see a blue screen of death?
Then why not come over from the darkside, and become one of the ever
increasing number of people using Linux - it's free, it's open,
it's easier to use than Windows and more reliable as well.

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