[Scribus] Problem compiling...

Paul paulf.johnson
Mon Mar 17 21:23:27 CET 2003


> I'm having a problem running 'configure' with scribus 0.9.7 on a RedHat 
> box, mostly RH7.2 but with a few upgrades.  When attempting to detect 
> Qt, it fails based on what appear to be syntax errors.  I've just 
> compiled and installed Qt from scratch, but it hasn't changed the error 
> messages.
> Any ideas?

Yup. You have Qt installed, but not properly. Go to a terminal window
and type 

echo $QTDIR

it should point to the base of the directory containing Qt. If it's
blank, it's not set correctly. Simple as that.

To fix it either edit .bashrc for just you or /etc/bashrc for global.
Add the following lines



save and quit the editor. You should find you can do echo $QTDIR now and
get something meaningful out.

(note this assumes that you've followed the instructions from the source
and installed the qt source directory in /usr/local).

Give that a shot and see what you get back out.


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