[Scribus] Scribus Filename version ...

Ashley Gittins scribus
Wed Mar 12 16:05:30 CET 2003

> >Are you referring to StarCalc the planetarium software
> Yes. This is.

I'm not sure that I can see a conflict as grave as you seem to indicate - can 
you elaborate on how this naming convention is going to cause serious 
problems? Are users expected to commonly open StarCalc docs by 
double-clicking on them, or are they more likely to open files from within 
the application?

> Actually I fix: "scr". May be also "scb".

Well, scb is used by WordPerfect, Ingres, and ICDesigner. My point is that we 
could end up chasing file extensions all over the place for years.
I'm not sure how other people work with Scribus, but when I have a DTP task to 
perform, I always open scribus, then manage documents from there. So for me, 
double-clicking on the file is not something I normally do with a Scribus 
document. Perhaps others have different methods of working, so it is not my 
place to say how it would affect them - nor is it yours.

> I now that ... but there are a lot of people still using StarCalc.

Is that an issue for your particular position? From reading your website, it 
appears that you advocate a single distribution, using a forked 
"FTOpenOffice" for any office related tasks. Is it accurate to assume that 
your clients would not be using StarOffice Calc anyway?

> Because GPL, thanks to God everyone may do what they prefer.
> I will re-evaluate the decision again to change or not the extension
> type, but from a primary analysis
> this change must be made.
> In any case, scribus is NOT complaint to our FTGUIX standard and therefore
> we need to modify the source in depth.
> This will open a new branch of development.

Yes, the GPL is great in the freedom it grants. I wish you well for your 
FTGUIX standard, it looks like you will have a lot of forks to do!

> I simply comment here to avoid it so, everyone may get benefits from a
> single effort.

The real benefit of the single effort comes from mutual respect, and decision 
by discussion between peers, rather than unilateral demands.

        Ashley Gittins

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