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Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith
Mon Mar 3 06:54:44 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 00:39, Steve Herrick wrote:
> They had a highly-experimental port of Framemaker a while back. Based on their
> results, they decided not to do a full-scale port any time soon.

Adobe's approach was skewed.  Instead of just testing under the
condition that Linux would be _added_ as a 3rd port to their _existing_
FrameMaker for UNIX product, they tested under the condition that the
Linux port would be a _new_ product, FrameMaker for Linux.

> Besides, where possible, I want to use only GPL software. Scribus is the last
> piece of the puzzle for me. Or will be.

I understand that view.

> I use Zope (sometimes called "what Cold Fusion wants to be when it grows up"  :)
>  ). I have no use for WYSIWYG HTML editors, which is strange, since I'm a very
> visual person.

First off, <anal>there is no such thing as a WYSIWYG (... what you get)
HTML editor, but a WYSIWYM (... what you mean).</anal>  ;-p

Secondly, I am very familiar with Zope.  So yes, I agree with you -- put
the "content management" on the _server_, and _not_ the client (I have a
Web Log too ;-).  But most Windows users are used to FrontPage (which
has other issues of its own creation, like most Microsoft software) and

> Zope + Plone is a pretty serious thing. Granted, it takes a while to climb the
> learning curve, but the new Plone installer helps a lot there. Check out
> plone.org. But, no, it's not WYSIWYG. It can be used with apps that are, however.

Hmmm, I'll have to check out Plone.

> But I do need DTP. I need tight control over my text. I have an appreciation for
> what LyX does, it's just not what I need.

I understand, you need a DTP app.

> What I need is to solve the font issues with Scribus.

Have you tried 8.0?

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