[Scribus] Re: Test and Hello ...

Steve Herrick steveh
Mon Mar 3 06:39:32 CET 2003

Quoting "Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith at ieee.org>:

> I'm also new.  I just installed the 0.9.8 beta and came across the same
> issue on Red Hat 8.0.  I'm going to try 0.8 next.

Let us know how that goes.
> BTW, what distro is Scribus largely developed on?  Debian?

No idea. SuSe, perhaps?

> > InDesign is the last reason I haven't switched to Linux 100%.
> Tell Adobe.  Everytime you think something like that, remember tell the
> vendor!  You'd be surprised how much it matters!
> If they get enough requests, they've got to port it.  Unlike Intuit they
> don't have a "we'll crush you if you port to Linux" threat from
> Microsoft (like Intuit does from Microsoft on Quicken/Quickbooks,
> despite the 2M+ requests for ports).  Adobe is fairly independent from
> Microsoft.

They had a highly-experimental port of Framemaker a while back. Based on their
results, they decided not to do a full-scale port any time soon.

Besides, where possible, I want to use only GPL software. Scribus is the last
piece of the puzzle for me. Or will be.

> Until then, I'm getting an iBook because of things like Adobe InDesign
> and Macromedia Dreamweaver.  But even Macromedia ported its
> server/development software (e.g., ColdFusion) to Linux out of demand. 
> Hopefully the desktop software will get their shortly too.

I use Zope (sometimes called "what Cold Fusion wants to be when it grows up"  :)
 ). I have no use for WYSIWYG HTML editors, which is strange, since I'm a very
visual person.

> [ There isn't a good HTML "WYSIWYM + Content Manager" app for Linux
> either, although several SourceForge projects are working on one.  You
> either have WYSIWYM (e.g., Mozilla Composer) or non-WYSIWYM Content
> Managers (e.g., Quanta, Bluefish, etc...) ]

Zope + Plone is a pretty serious thing. Granted, it takes a while to climb the
learning curve, but the new Plone installer helps a lot there. Check out
plone.org. But, no, it's not WYSIWYG. It can be used with apps that are, however.

> If you only need a "typeset" program instead of a DTP app, check out
> LyX:  http://www.lyx.org
> The new 1.3.0 is finally available in a [near-]complete Qt version. 
> I've used it to write articles and books.  It uses ~25 year-old LaTeX as
> its "base language."  It also produces "feature rich" PDFs _natively_
> (including all those bookmarks, hypereferences, etc... all from its TeX
> markup).  That's the power of TeX underneath.

But I do need DTP. I need tight control over my text. I have an appreciation for
what LyX does, it's just not what I need. What I need is to solve the font
issues with Scribus.



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