[Scribus] problems under mdk 9

Martin Grohman martin
Mon Mar 3 17:10:28 CET 2003

I like Scribus, but for a  long time I don? know how to solve two 
problems with Scribus under mdk 9.
First is that I cannot type national characters like ??????????. When I 
type nothing happens. But when I import text with these czech national 
characters its displaying corectly. I  have tried to export LANG=cs_CZ 
... etc, but nothing has worked for me under mdk 9 untill now.

The second problem is exporting PDF that can be corectly displayed only 
in ggv.  Acrobat 5 under linux or under windows ends displaying PDF 
created in Scribus with error message: Bad font object or font 
descriptor object.

These two problems persist with various Scribus versions 0.9.x and 
various mdk 9 installations. Scribus is compiled from source.

Can anyone help?

Martin Grohman

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