[Scribus] qt problem

Steve Herrick steveh
Mon Jun 30 21:29:41 CEST 2003

Magic Page wrote:

> Have you checked to see if you have the -devel files installed as well?  

I don't know how to determine this. I do, however, know that I compiled 
Qt with thread support (./configure -thread), which is the only hint 
I've gotten so far.

Do you think this is the issue? I've never heard any other mention of 
it. I'm hoping there's just some config file I can update or pointer 
file I can create or something simple like that.

> I see also
> that you say you are using QT3 3.2, so that might be the discrepancy, 
> only the
> developers can tell us about that.  Although, I have heard some of them 
> mention
> they were using 3.2 also and everything worked nicely still.  I used it 
> for a bit
> and found no problems with Scribus or compiling during that time.
> Patrick

The install looks fine to me, but Scribus' configure file disagrees.

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