[Scribus] qt problem

Magic Page magicpage91
Mon Jun 30 20:55:26 CEST 2003

Steve Herrick wrote:

> I'm trying to install RC1 on Knoppix 3.1. The configure step tells me 
> that QT library "mt" cannot be found, but in /usr/local/qt/lib, I see 
> libqt-mt.prl, .so, .so.3, .so.3.2, .so.3.2.0, and qt-mt.pc.
> I have my .profile set as Qt 3.2 instructs, and I restarted to be sure 
> the .profile was working. Is there some other step I'm missing?
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Have you checked to see if you have the -devel files installed as well?  
I see also
that you say you are using QT3 3.2, so that might be the discrepancy, 
only the
developers can tell us about that.  Although, I have heard some of them 
they were using 3.2 also and everything worked nicely still.  I used it 
for a bit
and found no problems with Scribus or compiling during that time.


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