[Scribus] QT .ui and .pro files for scribus?

Paul paulf.johnson
Sat Jun 28 12:14:57 CEST 2003


> Are the .ui files and the .pro files for Scribus available? I don't see 
> them with the source code. or was Scribus made without them 
> (programatically), It would be good to obtain these .ui files and .pro 
> files, so I can do a Mac OS X, and maybe even a Windows port, so we can 
> turn off X11 support for these systems. and better set up the project 
> to be more cross platform. not having these files is only what is 
> keeping me back from doing this for you guys..

There is already a W2K port of Scribus and I'm playing with the MacOSX
port. As it stands, the .ui files and .pro files are not required as the
source files generated from the are available. The only true way you
will be able to remove the X11 support would be a full conversion to use
wxWindows - but that would be a hell of a job

> What is the original Development environment that Scribus is developed 
> in?

Originally, it was written in Python, then converted to C++. Current IDE
used is KDevelop

> and, what version of QT is it written under?

The current version supports Qt 3.0.5 and up. It stopped supporting Qt2
a fair amount of time ago.

> after I get those, I could do a proper port, because I know where to 
> begin, and this is the first part of it. cant go any further without 
> this..
> if you can tell me about this id be very happy to help out..

Hope that's enough info for you - if you need anything else, feel free
to ask.



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