[Scribus] QT .ui and .pro files for scribus?

Nick Yilmaz nick_y
Sat Jun 28 08:57:13 CEST 2003


Are the .ui files and the .pro files for Scribus available? I don't see 
them with the source code. or was Scribus made without them 
(programatically), It would be good to obtain these .ui files and .pro 
files, so I can do a Mac OS X, and maybe even a Windows port, so we can 
turn off X11 support for these systems. and better set up the project 
to be more cross platform. not having these files is only what is 
keeping me back from doing this for you guys..

What is the original Development environment that Scribus is developed 
and, what version of QT is it written under?

after I get those, I could do a proper port, because I know where to 
begin, and this is the first part of it. cant go any further without 
if you can tell me about this id be very happy to help out..


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