[Scribus] CVS version

Paul paulf.johnson
Wed Jun 25 21:26:05 CEST 2003


> I just downloaded and installed the version that's on the public cvs
> server, and the problems I had under gnome (and a bit under kde) in redhat
> 9 concerning the windows without boundings are gone.

Nope. Not got that here. Are you using the standard Gnome 2 environment
which shipped with RH9 or something like the Ximian Desktop 2

> But new problems have arised:
> - images are much more reduced than intended when printing to pdf. It
> looks fine in scribus but in pdf you have really small images and lots of
> blanks.

Again, not come across that.

> - an old problem: when copying an object and pasting it on another page,
> the id stays the same, so when you want to modify it, you have to change
> the name of the object as well. This was fixed in an older version of
> scribus but seems to have popped up again.

I have a feeling that what is actually happening is that what Scribus is
doing is making a form of symlink rather than a second instance. I know
that I've not fiddled with any of the copying code since about 0.9.6



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