[Scribus] Can we change some of the entries in the menues?

Paul paulf.johnson
Tue Jun 24 08:42:32 CEST 2003


> On Lundi, 23 Juin 2003 22.16, Maciej Hanski wrote:
> > I don't think, it's a good idea to change the standards, people are used
> > to. Please launch any comparable application (OpenOffice.org, gedit,
> > kate, kedit etc.) and have a look at the FILE menu. You will almost
> > always find "Close" and "Quit".
> I have "Close" and "Exit". Exit seems harsher to me than Quit. Kind of more 
> appropriate for ending an application, IMO. Quit seems too smooth for ending 
> the application.
> Proposition: Quit -> Exit

>From a personal perspective, it would be a better idea (if there are
multiple docs open) for the close option to be extended so the file to
be closed does not have to be the file open. Something like

(3 files)

Close -> file1

(1 file)


This is one of the biggest beefs I have with OOo. Close can be
considered the same as quit.



The world is throwing away oppressive regimes
Which don't allow people to choose.
Wars are fought to topple these people.
Yet the folks who do this, still use Windows.
Double standards or not understanding why they did it?

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