[Scribus] seg fault

Magic Page magicpage91
Thu Jun 19 22:45:23 CEST 2003

Bart Alberti wrote:

>Actually I now get it working. I had been trying to run scribus, as before,
>I had be able to do, that is, from ITS OWN folder. I did 'make install' and
>it came up fine. Maybe I was wrong to say that. I hitherto did 'make' and
>'make uninstall' but I did think it ran like everything else (?) from its
>own site using
>scribus or ./scribus
>I got the qt files including qt-devel but
>rpm -i and rpm -iU complain that qt3 is needed by qt-mt and qt-extensions
>Since I have also qt-2.3.2, am I right that one can have several qt versions
>So it is not necessary to actually overwrite the former qt
>I hesitate because it may well cause many problems if these are not
>correctly aligned
>Thanks, Bart Alberti bart at solozone.com
>Scribus mailing list
>Scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
I believe the qt-2.3.2 may have been leftover from your 8.0 install, if 
you did an
upgrade.  If not, and I don't remember, the older qt was just those 
parts that was
needed to keep the older KDE2 programs running for now.  As they are all 
to work on qt3 and KDE3, it will no longer be needed.  I don't believe 
SuSE 8.2 has
it any longer now that I think of it.

You should update all your qt3 files from the SuSE ftp mirror of your 
choice, both the
base files and devel files with rpm -Uhv which should end any dependency 
errors you
are getting now.  The update should improve many things for you too.


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