[Scribus] seg fault

Bart Alberti bart
Thu Jun 19 17:09:00 CEST 2003

Actually I now get it working. I had been trying to run scribus, as before,
I had be able to do, that is, from ITS OWN folder. I did 'make install' and
it came up fine. Maybe I was wrong to say that. I hitherto did 'make' and
'make uninstall' but I did think it ran like everything else (?) from its
own site using
scribus or ./scribus

I got the qt files including qt-devel but
rpm -i and rpm -iU complain that qt3 is needed by qt-mt and qt-extensions
Since I have also qt-2.3.2, am I right that one can have several qt versions
So it is not necessary to actually overwrite the former qt
I hesitate because it may well cause many problems if these are not
correctly aligned

Thanks, Bart Alberti bart at solozone.com

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