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Johannes Wilm j
Sun Jun 15 22:55:24 CEST 2003

On Sunday 15 June 2003 22:27, Peter Linnell wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 13:49, Johannes Wilm wrote:
> > As koffice (and abiword) will be switching to the OO-format and they need
> > extensions for some things wouldn't make sense switching the
> > scribus-format to OO as well? As it probably needs some extensions one
> > could simply give the siles a different extension and then one might get
> > the OO-team to incorporate the extensions at some point of time.
> While in theory this might work, it is probably best to keep them
> separate.
> 1. Scribus PDF export, IMO is superior - probably the best designed PDF
> exporter next to Indesign 2.0. And Adobe has been perfecting their PDF
> export for years. Certainly, Scribus is the best in linux land.


> 2. Word processors vs. page layout programs. I cannot emphasize this
> enough when I am tutoring new users of DTP applications. I would no
> sooner try to make elaborate brochures with Open Office, than I would
> try to type letters or essays with Scribus.
This is something totally unrelated as I did not mean to ask for scribus being 
integrated with koffice/OO.
But then there are several things in koffice fx karbon. And they are looking 
at a new way to generally render stuff better - using kpainter with several 
front ends. They have not made any PDS or postscript frontends but that is 
the plan. Now wouldn't it make sense trying to get that PS and PDF renderer 
up to the standard of scribus PDF-export and then use kpainter in scribus 
instead (would maybe not leave much left of scribus I guess)? ... 

> 3. When I create text docs with Scribus, I type the text in Kwrite or
> Kedit or Open Office - depending on length and mood. Then, import into
> Scribus. I do the same when working with other DTP apps. OO to Pagemaker
> or ID

yeah that is what I do too. But then I know several people that use kword as a 
DTP-app (yes it is possible you can set it to start out without any standard 
text frame) and they really would like to switch back and forth between kword 
and scribus (as  the like the control in kword better, but it doesn't allow 
them to do some of the fancy stuff that scribus does). So they would really 
like to be able to open kword-files.
> 4. This would make the file formats even more complex.

point taken

> 5. Require significant re-writing of the page code in Scribus.

I bet

> Just my thoughts,

ok ok, you are the guy who does the coding and I am just the whining user. It 
is not that important, lots of the stuff on the wish list is way more 
important (option of KDE-integration, font screen rendering ;-) )

Johannes Wilm

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