[Scribus] OpenOffice.org Support

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun Jun 15 22:29:13 CEST 2003

Steve Herrick wrote:

> Johannes Wilm wrote:
>> As koffice (and abiword) will be switching to the OO-format and they 
>> need extensions for some things wouldn't make sense switching the 
>> scribus-format to OO as well? As it probably needs some extensions 
>> one could simply give the siles a different extension and then one 
>> might get the OO-team to incorporate the extensions at some point of 
>> time.
> OOo can already export PDFs. If Scribus were to go to the OOo format, 
> it would almost make more sense to treat it as a plug-in to OOo. That 
> would make OpenOffice a heck of an app, but I'm not sure folks are 
> prepared to take that step.
If I might join your discusssion:  I don't like  the idea of Scribus 
becoming a plug-in to Oo at all. Although I enjoy using OOo, one must 
consider, OpenOffice is not really GPL  and is controlled more or less  
by Sun (I'm simply not sure, whether they will stay consistent in their 
engagement for Linux). Moreover, OOo is an incredible huge project and 
such a "takeover" would probably lead to much slower application 
development - you know these huge projects: "To many chiefs, to less 
Indians". Export/import filters are OK, but  else I like Scribus exactly 
as it is: GPLed, independent, slim, and controlled by Franz.


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