[Scribus] OpenOffice.org Support

Steve Herrick steveh
Sun Jun 15 20:49:30 CEST 2003

Johannes Wilm wrote:
> As koffice (and abiword) will be switching to the OO-format and they need 
> extensions for some things wouldn't make sense switching the scribus-format 
> to OO as well? As it probably needs some extensions one could simply give the 
> siles a different extension and then one might get the OO-team to incorporate 
> the extensions at some point of time.

OOo can already export PDFs. If Scribus were to go to the OOo format, it 
would almost make more sense to treat it as a plug-in to OOo. That would 
make OpenOffice a heck of an app, but I'm not sure folks are prepared to 
take that step.

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