[Scribus] Red Hat Linux 9

Joe Villari joev_nylxs
Tue Jun 10 22:09:37 CEST 2003

Go the web site and download the 0.9.10 tar ball. You should be prompted 
where to save it, just choose /home/username.

Then gunzip and untar the tar ball, man tar and man gzip for more info.

Then change into the scribus-0.9.10 directory and run ./configure.

If you have no errors, rum make. If you encouter errors post them and 
someone will have a fix or read the README and INSTALL files for more info.

If you have no make errors, as root run make install.

Then at the prompt type scribus and you're off and running.


Michael Hopcroft wrote:
> 	Could someone tell me how to download and install Scribus in Red Hat
> Linux 9? I want this software but so far I haven't been able to install
> any programs beyond what came with the distro. I just can;t seem to
> figure out how to get the stuff that i download to my home/username
> folder into my system as a working program.
> 	Michael Hopcroft
> 	Seraphim guard -- the Game is far from Up!
> 	http://www.seraphimguard.com
> P.S. Are there any German-language RPG publishers on the list, also
> fluent in English, who are looking for American RPGs to license and
> translate?
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