[Scribus] Red Hat Linux 9

Paul paulf.johnson
Tue Jun 10 23:49:34 CEST 2003


> 	Could someone tell me how to download and install Scribus in Red Hat
> Linux 9? I want this software but so far I haven't been able to install
> any programs beyond what came with the distro. I just can;t seem to
> figure out how to get the stuff that i download to my home/username
> folder into my system as a working program.

As long as you have the devel rpm's installed, it's easy.

1. Download the tar.gz file
2. Open a terminal window and type tar -zxf <filename>.tar.gz
3. cd <tarball_name>
4. ./configure
5. make
6. make install.

Those apply to lots of packages. When you download a file, the browser
asks you where you want it to go - ensure it goes to /home/user_dir
(where user_dir is your home dir - for instance, mine is /home/paul)

So, say you've downloaded the latest tarball (called scribus.tar.gz)

you would type

tar -zxf scribus.tar.gz
cd scribus
make install

and that's that. Once the make install has been done, all the bits
needed will be copied to the usr directory (in various places). You then
just run it by typing scribus.

> P.S. Are there any German-language RPG publishers on the list, also
> fluent in English, who are looking for American RPGs to license and
> translate?

Pass, though I do write adventures and maintain libRPG/Adventure



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