[Scribus] scribus on low resource system

Andreas Schalk andreasschalk
Wed Jun 4 14:10:22 CEST 2003


I think that somebody on the list might be interestet in, how scribus (0.9.10) works on a low resource system like mine:
Pentium 200, 96 MB RAM, 2MB video memory.
Better than ever, i can say.

Since i updated my machine to Mandrake 9.1, text redraw has improved. Before (mkd 8.1), i was not able to create docs with a greater amount of Text.

I had no problem, compiling scribus on mdk 9.1 ( i compiled without lcms and tiff support) compile time: around 2 1/2 hours

Scribus 0.9.10 now starts quicker than ever (~22 sec.)

Text redraw is by now "the brake" in scribus. The more text a textbox contains, the redraw on screen slows down.
But it is now quick enough to work properly , even with longer texts.
Although, in a  longer textbox it is no good idea to type directly into the box, because after every added glyph the whole box is redrawn.
The option "load Text" is therefore a great salvation. 

The only other great brake is printing or exporting pdf. On greater docs with pictures scribus works more than half a minute to get them printed or exportet.

By the way, scribus performs better than ever on my system.
It is a great tool, that i do not want to miss any more.

Andreas Schalk

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