[Scribus] scribus on low resource system

Johannes Wilm j
Wed Jun 4 14:26:58 CEST 2003

Andreas Schalk said:
> Text redraw is by now "the brake" in scribus. The more text a textbox
> contains, the redraw on screen slows down. But it is now quick enough to
> work properly , even with longer texts. Although, in a  longer textbox
> it is no good idea to type directly into the box, because after every
> added glyph the whole box is redrawn. The option "load Text" is
> therefore a great salvation.
This is also the case on my 1.1Ghz 512MB Ram System. I know, I should use
the "lock"-function, but still when having a single text box on an A4 and
writing until it is about 2/3 filled, it is at the point where it seems to
use al available processing power and it takes aroud 5-10 sec. to write a
single letter.

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