[Scribus] Crash with scribus 1.0

Paul paulf.johnson
Wed Jul 30 22:05:01 CEST 2003


> As before, when scribus segfault, the system remain in a state where a new 
> instance of scribus crash faster. After reboot, the state becomes normal.
> Making a text box, typing text fastly (more than redraw, making it slow), and 
> then cut text with contextual menu several times, generaly become in a 
> segfault in Page::EmitValues.
> Making it in a remote X session, makes the segfault become easier.

Can you run Scribus from a terminal window and after the segfault,
attempt to run it through gdb or ddd (or any other debugger) to see
where the segfault is occuring. My laptop is back so I can do a trace
from here.

Is it possible for you to privately email the offending file to me? I'd
like to see if I can reproduce the fault.



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