[Scribus] let's resume...

Petr Vaněk petr.vanek
Tue Jul 29 22:35:29 CEST 2003

> > I'm considering to join the Scribus development. I know that Franz -
> > main developer - is relaxing on his holiday.
> Yup. A well deserved holiday. Peter is on his hols and I'm off from the
> end of this week (yippee!!!)

aaagrh! why not me! :)

> The code will be passed through doxygen (hopefully)

It would be great.

> Current planned plugins : html export (partially done), Acorn DDF &
> Acorn Draw importer (part done), html import (possible). IIRC, Franz did
> start on a PDF importer, so that may even be resurrected. A few days
> back, someone was asking for the PageMaker format, so that too is
> possible.

Oh, some docs or howto could be very helpfull. Try to understand me - I 
would like to help but I don't like the useless work. And I'm taking the 
"SW re-engeneering" as this one :)

> The big one though is going to be the code re-write. A paper listing of
> the 0.9.11 code was 1100+ pages at courier.fixed, 10pt, so it's not
> going to be trivial either.


Maybe - and I think it should be fine - some SW management could be the 
...oops - I said "management" right now... time for bed :)))

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