[Scribus] let's resume...

Paul paulf.johnson
Tue Jul 29 21:58:24 CEST 2003


> I'm considering to join the Scribus development. I know that Franz - main 
> developer - is relaxing on his holiday.

Yup. A well deserved holiday. Peter is on his hols and I'm off from the
end of this week (yippee!!!)

> I would like to know *the state of the Scribus evolution*.

For the 1.1 release

There is to be a wide spread code re-write to make it simpler for people
to dip in and contribute and also to cut out on the unrequired parts
(there is a fair amount of redundancy in the code as it stands). One of
the main parts under reconstruction is the code for the font system - I
know the code and it gives *me* nightmares!

The code will be passed through doxygen (hopefully)

Current planned plugins : html export (partially done), Acorn DDF &
Acorn Draw importer (part done), html import (possible). IIRC, Franz did
start on a PDF importer, so that may even be resurrected. A few days
back, someone was asking for the PageMaker format, so that too is

Current built in extension : Quark importer. I'm not planning on doing a
Quark exporter (I've got the okay from Quark to only do an importer)

UI : There has been much debate on here over the UI. Personally, I'd
like to include the extra colours script (which was posted on here) and
revisit the font interface. Others would like a dockable bar.
Personally, I can't stand them and rather have things fixed at the

I'm looking into a bug tracking facility (not sure if I'm going for one
on the cvs server or if using Bugzilla would be better). At least that
way, all bugs can be traced correctly and nothing slips through our

The big one though is going to be the code re-write. A paper listing of
the 0.9.11 code was 1100+ pages at courier.fixed, 10pt, so it's not
going to be trivial either.

I hope that helps as they are the current main thrusts for Scribus 1.1.
As it stands there is no fixed date for the 1.1 release, though I'm
hoping we'll have something to show for Olympia this year.



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