[Scribus] let's resume...

Petr Vaněk petr.vanek
Tue Jul 29 21:09:31 CEST 2003

good evening (in central Europe we have evening now :D).

I'm considering to join the Scribus development. I know that Franz - main 
developer - is relaxing on his holiday. But some externals press me to 
make some important (just for me - new job, new girlfriend, new bicycle... 
:)) decissions, so I would like to know *the state of the Scribus 

I mean: clear and bright roadmap, todo list with reastions on wishlist, 
source code documentation, how goes plugins (html export, importers...) 

Maybe I cannot express exactly myself (in english) so let's see the use 
case: I would try to fix some font behavour but I'm too lazy to read 
sources three days. Why aren't files commented to Doxygen it? etc.

I hope this mail drives yout to reflect this topics...

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