[Scribus] Zooming and editing Text

Paul paulf.johnson
Sat Jul 26 13:21:42 CEST 2003


> Viewing and editing text in a text box with 100 % zoom looks fine, but
> when i zoom into the text it looks poor aligned and like bad kerning.
> May this is a known issue.

This was raised a fair while back. From memory, it was a Qt related
problem and not much we could do about it.

> I also have the impression, that editing text
> could be much improved, the visual feedback on screen is flickering very
> much when selecting and editing text. May this depends on other factors?

The main factors which influence the speed of redraw are the usual
candidates (processor, memory and wot not) as well as which version of
Qt you're using. The render speed has been greatly improved with Qt 3.2
and KDE 3.1

> However, very good work, i never thought one person can achieve this...
> Even for QuarkXPress 3 more than 12 developers were involved.

Erm, have a look at the Help ... About Scribus... While Franz is the
main chap for Scribus, he is by no means alone ;-p


(one of the contributors, admin of the anoncvs server, code validator
and quite a few other bits)

One OS to fool them all
One browser to find them
One email client to bring them all
And through security holes, blind them...

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