[Scribus] Zooming and editing Text

James H. Cloos Jr. cloos
Sat Jul 26 18:16:40 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Kaltschmidt <tkaltschmidt at gmx.de> writes:

Thomas> Viewing and editing text in a text box with 100 % zoom looks
Thomas> fine, but when i zoom into the text it looks poor aligned and
Thomas> like bad kerning.

It turns out this is the same bug I was having w/ on screen fonts.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that 100% seems to ignore the
screen's actual dimensions and treats it as if it were soemthing near
72 or 75 dpi.  On a 133 dpi panel that is not usable.

I have to either use the general preference's display tab to set 200%
or use the view menu's 200% option.  The latter is a bit better than
for former, but is still not very good.

I think what is happening is that although the glyph placement
remains good, the actual glyphs are being scaled up twice.

So I get 4x sized glyphs placed as though they were scaled only to 2x.

I will take a look thru the code and try to patch around that double
scaling; it may take me a while to figure it out, as I've not yet
even skimmed the scribus code....

As an aside, from running w/ XFT_DEBUG=255, I see that xft is only
used for the menus and the font selection dialog.  The text boxes
are rendered w/o using xft.  Can that be fixed w/o re-writing too
much code?


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