[Scribus] Zooming and editing Text

Thomas Kaltschmidt tkaltschmidt
Sat Jul 26 13:39:02 CEST 2003


tried Scribus 1.0 on SuSe Linux 8.2. Though the make-process was very
long (more than half an hour on a Pentium 3/600), it started fine.

Viewing and editing text in a text box with 100 % zoom looks fine, but
when i zoom into the text it looks poor aligned and like bad kerning.
May this is a known issue. I also have the impression, that editing text
could be much improved, the visual feedback on screen is flickering very
much when selecting and editing text. May this depends on other factors?

However, very good work, i never thought one person can achieve this...
Even for QuarkXPress 3 more than 12 developers were involved.


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