[Scribus] first post!

Marvin Dickens mpdickens
Thu Jul 17 05:28:40 CEST 2003

> One issue I did notice - Scribus seems to be quite senstive to case in
> filename extensions, not finding files named *.JPG only *.jpg, for 
> example. A pain when the photographer has a digital camera import 
> program that has issues with case. Maybe I can do something about it,
> at least if I ever get some time.

The lower caps is a *NIX thing with additional heritage in some *really*
old DEC and IBM stuff. With that said, I consider it a feature
and not a bug ;-)

Here is a perl script that should do (although, I wrote it right 
now in the body of this email and have not tried it... But, I'm 90%
sure it will work) what you want. However, before you use it, $my_dir
should be replaced with the absolute path to the files: 

--------begin perl code

opendir(DIR, $my_dir) or die $!; 
@lsref = grep { /.jpg/ && -f "$my_dir/$_" } readdir(DIR); 

foreach $file (@lsref){ 
    $file2 = $file =~ s/^(.*)\.jpg$/$1\.JPG/;
   open(X, "$my_dir/$file");
   open(Y, ">$my_dir/$file2");
   while(<X>){ print Y; }
   close X;   close Y;

--------end perl code

If perl isn't your thing, here is a bash script
that does the same thing:

--------begin bash script
filelist=`ls -1 *.JPG | cut -d"." -f1`
for element in $filelist; do
#  `mv $element.JPG $element.jpg`
echo Renaming $element.JPG to $element.jpg
--------end bash script


Marvin Dickens
Alpharetta, Georgia  

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