[Scribus] first post!

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Jul 16 17:44:27 CEST 2003

'ello all. I'm a newbie on the list, but have been following scribus for 
some time. It seems an interesting (and awfully impressive) app with the 
habit of improving by leaps and bounds whenever I'm not looking ;-)

>>Slashdot is, for the most part, a forum for the uniformed and further, a
>>podium for gossip... No one I know takes anything that is said at
>>slashdot seriously or as true until it is confirmed by more reputable
>>sources. With that said, everything at slashdot is off-topic.

Hmm... I'd say I've seen some useful ideas there, but any intelligent 
comment does tend to be drowned out by the clamour of people who just 
KNOW they're right.

> The only problem is that there are those who consider everything on /.
> to be gospel and decide on the basis of that that Scribus is a pile of
> dirt, best left on the ground for others to stomp in.

Myself, I'd question their judgement and the need for concern over their 
opinions. Perhaps they'll learn about the usefulness of Scribus for 
their needs if they TRY IT not talk about it?

>>Scribus is *FANTASTIC* and a major work regardless of operating system.
>>Anybody who has been around the Linux community for any amount of time
>>knows this.

'tis very interesting, and looks to be very handy indeed. A huge 
improvement from when I last tried it, too! I'll have to have a play 
with the CMYK support, PDF export and large image handling. Last time I 
downloaded a copy I had real problems with fonts, especially leading and 
italic text where characters overlapped.

Personally, I'm amazed at what Scribus can already do.

One issue I did notice - Scribus seems to be quite senstive to case in 
filename extensions, not finding files named *.JPG only *.jpg, for 
example. A pain when the photographer has a digital camera import 
program that has issues with case. Maybe I can do something about it, at 
least if I ever get some time.

Craig Ringer
POST Newspapers

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