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Michael Below mbelow
Wed Jul 16 19:32:28 CEST 2003

PFJ <paulf.johnson at ukonline.co.uk> writes:

>> Slashdot is, for the most part, a forum for the uniformed and further, a
>> podium for gossip... No one I know takes anything that is said at
>> slashdot seriously or as true until it is confirmed by more reputable
>> sources. With that said, everything at slashdot is off-topic.
> The only problem is that there are those who consider everything on /.
> to be gospel and decide on the basis of that that Scribus is a pile of
> dirt, best left on the ground for others to stomp in.

I don't think so. There are some rude comment, but some others are
alright. After reading through the "default view" of the thread the
"/. opinion" seems to me something like: Nice program, definitely a
big step forward for Linux etc., but probably not a threat for Quark
XPress. The main negative point seems to be that Scribus is not good
enough to make people ditch Quark XPress/Win2k and hop onto

This is not too far from my impressions -- I'm not really a DTP
person, but my experiences with Scribus and InDesign/Quark left me
with the impression that the latter are a bit more stable and a bit
easier to use. To get people to migrate from Quark to Scribus, it had
to be the other way round...

Personally, I'd say this is a wrong criterion. Scribus is a newcomer,
done by a small number of people in (relatively) short time. The
people at Quark and Adobe had alot more time and manpower to polish
their products. They would have to be exceptionally dumb if they
weren't able to make a better impression than Scribus, with that much
more effort.

>> Scribus is *FANTASTIC* and a major work regardless of operating system.
>> Anybody who has been around the Linux community for any amount of time
>> knows this.
> That has never been in doubt ;-)


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