[Scribus] first post!

PFJ paulf.johnson
Wed Jul 16 17:31:44 CEST 2003


> Slashdot is, for the most part, a forum for the uniformed and further, a
> podium for gossip... No one I know takes anything that is said at
> slashdot seriously or as true until it is confirmed by more reputable
> sources. With that said, everything at slashdot is off-topic.

The only problem is that there are those who consider everything on /.
to be gospel and decide on the basis of that that Scribus is a pile of
dirt, best left on the ground for others to stomp in.

> Scribus is *FANTASTIC* and a major work regardless of operating system.
> Anybody who has been around the Linux community for any amount of time
> knows this.

That has never been in doubt ;-)



Open your mind to a time where a company does not have control
Open your mind to a choice of applications which you can control
Open your mind from the closed world of those who seek total power
Open your mind to the wonderful world of Open Source

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