[Scribus] quark plug in-- 4? 5?

Bart Alberti bart
Fri Jul 11 05:05:39 CEST 2003

Hints seem to be dropped that the Quark plug in actually works right now for
Q4 but only for some of Q5. Well, many people REFUSED to upgrade (Service
Bureaus some of them) because of the notorious Quark point bug fix fixes.
Plenty of users still use Q3 or Q4. One does not use just "Quark" one says
one uses Q 3 or 4 or 5 etc.
So, may I suggest if the Q4 plug in works -- use it at once!
So, if any of these plugs break everyone will know EXACTLY which plateau it
is that causes the problem. This sounds awkward but I do not think it is.
Everyone is jumping at the chance to bring in their Q files

2. An rtf import is also needed since all the word processors or DTP
programs can output to that. Do I understand  correctly that even rtf is not
really a fixed standard?

Bart Alberti bart at solozone.com

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