[Scribus] quark plug in-- 4? 5?

Paul paulf.johnson
Fri Jul 11 22:48:17 CEST 2003


> Hints seem to be dropped that the Quark plug in actually works right now for
> Q4 but only for some of Q5. Well, many people REFUSED to upgrade (Service
> Bureaus some of them) because of the notorious Quark point bug fix fixes.
> Plenty of users still use Q3 or Q4. One does not use just "Quark" one says
> one uses Q 3 or 4 or 5 etc.

The Quark plugin does work for Q4. I'm in talks with Quark at the moment
to see if the code can be legalling incorporated into Scribus and I'm
quite hopefull that I'll get an okay on that. Having the Quark code as
part of the main source disto would help in maintaining it (it would be
officially supported)

> So, may I suggest if the Q4 plug in works -- use it at once!

I'd rather wait to see what Quark says.

> 2. An rtf import is also needed since all the word processors or DTP
> programs can output to that. Do I understand  correctly that even rtf is not
> really a fixed standard?

Correct. It is a well documented format, but has never been formally
standardised so there is nothing to say that an RTF from OOo will work
in WordXP and vice versa.



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