[Scribus] Mandrake and Linux Qt

Tom Jakabfy tjakabfy
Thu Jul 10 14:00:21 CEST 2003

Thanks for the advice on Qt. I will download the tarball and recompile Qt for 
Mandrake 9.1

I can't imagine why there would be a faulty Qt for Slackware and Mandrake... 
but I am not totally surprized.

Stangely enough, my intent was to move to SUSE 8.1 which I now have but the 
Mandrake installer (although it says it has an EXIT) is unstoppable once 
started. Linux Forum magazine LXF41 says you can use Mandrake 9.1 just to 
partition your hard drive and then install SUSE for example... well they were 

My dial-up says that the 12 Meg Qt tarball will take over 2 hours... argh!
But it will be worth it.

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