[Scribus] Final .pot File for Scribus

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Jul 10 12:00:33 CEST 2003

Franz Schmid wrote:

> Maciej Hanski wrote:
>> I checked it with today's CVS version (Scribus Version 1.0, Build ID:
>> 8. Juli 2003, F-C-C-T) => still the same display error in the Polish
>> version of the "Save Page as SVG..." message. Other translated messages
>> are displayed correctly (same font, same glyphs - see attachement).
> Is now fixed in today's CVS, the String "Save Page as SVG..." was 
> accidently
> translated two times, one time statically in the SVG-Plugin Code and 
> the second
> time during the initialisation of the Plugin. Appearantly the Polish 
> special
> Glyphs doesn't survive this.
> Best Regards,
> Franz Schmid
> PS. Russian works now too.
Thank you for fixing this. It's perfect now - at least from my point of
view. I'm looking forward to the release 1.0.

best regards

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